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"This whole intensive program was life changing for me and a wake-up call to see that I can succeed on higher levels in my industry and be the 1%. I enrolled in so many other courses but no other class gave me as much value, information and individual one-on-one time where I grew in income and as a person. I attended two group VIP Days. On the first VIP Day, I was stuck at consistent $8k months. After that one VIP Day, it turned into a $15k month.

On the second VIP Day, I made decisions as a CEO that I had never even seen myself making, only after two years of being in the industry. I genuinely believe its about being in proximity with leaders. Your network is your net worth. Nina is the one person I can contact and she makes me think about MY next level and actions plans rather than give me direct answers in business. I would forever be grateful for this course."

- Tanasia, Entrepreneur, New York NY

"Becoming an elite has hands down been one of the best decisions I've made for my business. Nina constantly feeds your mind with concepts that force you to think differently and she pushes you to do the work to reach your next level. Since joining I've double my bookings and retail sales in the last 60 days. I have gained so much confidence within myself and in the treatment room in such a short amount of time.

If you truly want to dive into luxury and hospitality and dominate in your city this is the greatest investment you will make. I know that I will hit all of my goals that I set this year. Having a community of supportive elites is such an amazing support system as well. If you'd like to know more about my experience please feel to message me."

- Lauren, Entrepreneur, Chicago


"doubled my bookings and retail sales in the last 60 days."

"4 days a week of work, doubled my income in 45 days than when I worked 7 days and burned myself out."

"tailored to my experience level and the goals I wanted to reach in my business."

"Private Coaching was the just the support I needed to not only opening a solo service business, but developing the mindset to think as a business owner. The 1-on-1 experience was tailored to my experience level and the goals I wanted to reach in my business.

It goes without saying that Nina is a GEM. I have followed her growth over the years and I am proud to call her my coach. Always a wealth a of knowledge, she has shared countless means of diversifying income and opportunities to develop as an Elite professional. If you've been hesitating on whether or not private coaching is for you, let this be your confirmation. "

- Feleicia, Entrepreneur, Birmingham AL

"I never knew what it meant to actually be elite or luxurious until after taking the courses. This course had every information packed in order to level up not just the look of your business but the feel of it too. I am less burned out, 4 days a week of work and I doubled my income [in 45 days of starting course] than when I worked 7 days a week and burned myself out.

Nina has so much knowledge on giving you the tools needed to take your business from 0-100, all you have to do is implement them. I'm still halfway through the course and I'm doing this well. I can't wait for more and more accomplishments."

- Sameerah, Entrepreneur, Calgary Canada

"When I invested in the course I was all over the place, just stressed! After sitting on it for almost 3 months I finally scheduled a 1-on-1 with Nina. Once we talked I started implementing what I learned into my business and haven't looked back. I'm very grateful that I let go of the fear and was able to hit my first $10k+ within a month. So if you are a professional looking to have a strong foundation, work smarter and not harder this course will help you get to the next level! Trust the process."

- De'Aundria Hartford, Entrepreneur, Houston TX

"This was so amazing!!!! I recommend. This was so spot on with designing your signature service right down to technique. The information you've provided is so useful in providing a stellar service.

I'm so glad I signed up and showed up. The hospitality provided for us was top notch as well, we were in good hands. From the course literature, toolkit, food service, and even the provided transportation shows that you care about our experience which trickles down to how we care for ourselves and clients. Thank you!!!!! Keep going!"

- Ebony Ramey, Entrepreneur, Wisconsin


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